Wellness centrum:

parná sauna Steam sauna - it is a sauna with temperature of 40-50 C and high air moisture. Even though the temperature in the steam sauna is only a few degrees above the temperature of human body, the moisture is almost 100%. The main benefits are muscle relaxation, immunity support and skin regeneration.
The steam sauna provides the lower burden on the organism, therefore even people suffering from diseases that disallow them to visit the Finnish sauna can enjoy the benefits of the steam sauna. It is also called the Turkish bath. The moist air has a favourable influence on the skin which is thus being congested and purged. The skin remains soft and velvety. The steam bath has the positive effects on bagassosis. The steam sauna supports the production of lymphocytes and thus increases our immunity.
/infrasauna Infra sauna - sun that you’ll find in wellness.
Infra sauna means a real progress in the sauna industry. It uses the therapeutic effect of the infrared radiation, which is similar to the thermal solar radiation, to provide the regeneration of organism. It is neither UVA nor UVB radiation that causes the tanning of the skin. The infrared radiation is invisible for humans’ sight but we can feel its effects as thermal energy. Infra sauna uses the infrared radiation for direct heating of organism. The main advantage of infra sauna is that it causes 2-3 times more intensive sweating, while the temperature is only 30-50 C .
Infra sauna is a treatment that uses infrared radiation to warm up the body to the depth of up to 4cm. The warmth induces perspiration, and improves the blood circulation of the skin.
The procedure is used to create an overall feeling of relaxation, to rest or to rejuvenate your muscles after strenuous exertion, with occurrences of muscle rheumatism, aches of joints or the spine. Infra sauna also reduces cellulite. While in classical sauna 97% of secreted sweat consists of water, in infra sauna 80% consists of water and remaining 20% is fat, cholesterol and heavy metals. Infra sauna makes you feel lighter, stronger and full of energy.
fínska sauna Finnish sauna - The best known Finnish invention that spread all over the world is Finnish sauna. The fact that it comes from Finland and provides the great heat knows probably everyone. But what is so fantastic on the combination of a hot room and a cold pool? Visiting sauna is not only the sport or kind of diet. It is even more than a healthy life style. Every time it is an opportunity for relaxation and regeneration. It is an easy way how to enjoy the real happiness.
Finnish sauna is based on the indirect heat activity through the dry hot air at the high temperatures - 80 – 105 C. The perspired sweat consists mainly of water, not fat. Nevertheless, it has a positive impact on losing weight because it causes the overall congestion of organism and this way also the congestion of subcutaneous fat. Advantages of Finnish sauna:
  • skin congestion
  • blood pressure regulation
  • muscle release
  • blood oxidation
  • lower respiratory tract release
  • strengthening of blood vessels
  • feeling of refreshment and mental stimulation
  • navodzuje pocit osvieženia, psychického povzbudenia
  • restful sleep
masážne kreslo Massage chair - massage chair with the music program offers a wonderful relaxation for your body. Unlike cheap massage cushion, which provide only vibration, our massage is equipped with a unique system of several programmes.
They offer several types of massages: kneading, vibration, tapping, and acupressure. It is possible to choose the speed, the intensity and the location of massaging.
tepiderium Tepiderium - Tepiderium is heated, anatomically shaped couchette, which offers relaxation after the stay in sauna. The specialty of a tepiderium is the pleasant feeling of constant radiant heat which directly affects the human body.
oddychová miestnosť Relaxing room - Relaxing room offers you pure relaxation while listening to spa music and/or reading magazines.

Swimming pools

There are 3 swimming pools available for our guests:
  • For swimmers – 20m x 8m , pool depth 1,65m
  • Sauna pool – 8m x 4m , pool depth 0,70m
  • Whirling pool – with massage jets, pool diameter 3m
In summer-time it is possible to use summer terrace near the pools for sunbathing and relaxation.
In winter you can use the terrace to cool down after using sauna.
Swimming pools
Swimming pools
Whirling pool
Swimming pools